feliciA chamberlain

Design Technology Lead: Design Systems, Product + Visual Design

Producing innovative design technology solutions for enterprise design systems, web and mobile applications, and full stack branding, interactive, and visual design campaigns.

feliciA at kirkwood in a light blue schoeller coat and giro helmet standing in front of the cirque at kirkwood mountain resort. split screen of computer with olympic skier posing with official olympic clothing gear to represent team USA during the winter olympics and the code being written to engineer the design into the enterprise system.

In a world that is seeking Unicorns



A Technical Creative. I actively bring together cross-functional teams to optimize for stable, secure, consistent, engaging, context-aware and WCAG 2.1 AA, AAA accessible experiences.

Content Concept, Design, Strategy, Production & Implementation

As a Lead UX Design Generalist with expertise in UX architecture, design systems, interactive design, and various design and development disciplines, I solve complex problems with data-driven and accessible design development best practices.

I have a history of leading diverse, dynamic teams to develop and implement engaging, award-winning design concepts.

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t-shaped designer: coding, prototyping, visual design, ux research, writing

As a T-shaped designer, I've had roles spanning content strategy, design, illustration, experience, branding and interactive development. I work across all phases of the design and marketing lifecycle utilizing the options of enterprise technologies to enable quality design and development at-scale and with continuous delivery for branding, marketing, mobile, ecommerce, digital experiences, tooling, compliance, and more.

Design and UI/UX can have a deep impact on our future. A solid, in-depth understanding of fundamentals is key to the core of UI/UX design and development. My focus on creative treatment, visual solutions and technical implementation is grounded in traditional fundamentals for the best experience.

My approach is to dive-deep, engaging users in the ever-evolving web/app/IoT/device/new media world.

Selected Work

Product Design: UX/UI

Product UX UI UE: Fraud and Abuse Management System

Designing the all new Amazon's Trust, Safety, Fraud, and Abuse Platform

Designing the next generation of tools and systems for operational excellence and delivering results in detecting fraud prevention. The goal is to identify and prevent harmful fraud before it has a chance to be published on Amazon's various businesses. This new suite of tools is designed to serve all Amazon businesses and modes of operation.

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Mobile Design

UX, UI, Prototyping: Amazon Kindle Vella

Designing the Author Trust Experience for Kindle Vella

Amazon’s Kindle Vella was launched as a mobile-first experience in 2021. It focuses on the growing market for episodic stories that unfold as larger narratives over time. Authors have more opportunities to interact and directly engage their readers with tools like discussions and forums, allowing readers to help shape the episodes.

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UX, UI, Prototyping: Macy's AR Mobile App

Creating the Mobile Augmented Reality Experience

Allowing mobile users to virtually try on more than 1,000 cosmetics products using AR. They can also search and select locations nationwide for specific brands and inventory to try virtual and/or try-on via in-store digital mobile beauty displays.

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UX, UI, Prototyping, Visual Design: Uber AutoKnow Mobile App

Design proposal for the AutoKnow Mobile App Vehicle Vitals Experience

This mobile app helps Uber drivers maintain their vehicle's health and tracks vitals like tire pressure, oil temperatures, fluid levels, battery health, amber alerts, and more. These features are for drivers using gasoline powered vehicles, offering another layer of safety and peace of mind for drivers in unfamiliar communities. It works with Google Maps and can communicate with various authorities, authorized third parties, and selected friends and family to ensure safety. Imagined as another tool to keep drivers informed and to protect from fraud and harm.

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Digital Design

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Design Systems

Visual Design Systems: Unified Author Core

New design system for Kindle's Author Core Services.

The unified core design strategy is to ease color mapping and create a connection between author products back to Amazon's core brand. Decisions were made to consiser appealing to a millenial audience while capturing mature customers with rich, bright designs. Careful consideration of current users was top of mind to keep the design system fresh and distinct from Amazon's core branding.

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Visual Design Systems: Markforged Additive Manufacturing

Standards for streamlining and unifying design and development patterns.

Design principles to inform and guide all Markforged brand applications. Providing structure and direction for the unique qualities that differentiate and grow the business. Visual communications tenets and strong color, typography, and illustration style was created to consistently shape the trajectory of the brand’s outward expression.

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Video Production and Motion Design

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Visual Design: Hackathon and MacysAPI

Macys Tech Hackathon Branding

Visual design and branding for national representation at hackathons. Macy's Hackathons were designed for both internal and external participants. Macys Tech began demoing the MacysAPI at hackathons, meet-ups, and conferences and needed a design that was easily recognized in a crowd.

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Branding Design

you matter. we notice.

Visual Design & Copywriting: Employee Engagement Branding

Macy's Corporate Visual Design

I was the visual designer brought in as part of a lean outreach team to create an internal recognition program. This Lean Team was focused on employee engagement recognition for cross-functional teams spanning the entire corporation and all locations. Pilot program was for Macy's Tech.

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Selected Art & Design

Illustration and Sketches


fashionista looking at her phone with photographer at her high pump heels

Fashion Photography

Compassion + Fashion

I photographed the Compassion + Fashion event at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco and engineered the Macy's Passport Compassion + Fashion Interactive Campaign. This fashion event brought in more than 30 million dollars for local health charities in California.

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Public Projects and Volunteering

greek legends mural minotaur

Art on a Large Scale

Greek Legends Mural

I teach art, design, technology, poetry, writing, and mural making for various youth and adult community programs. I tend to leave my mark on communities to bring positive, colorful vibes into our day-to-day.

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macys bag hunger

Bag Hunger Branding and Collateral Design

Feeding America: Bag Hunger helps food banks nationwide

An annual food drive organized by Macy's and Bloomingdale's employees of nationwide collections in an effort to"Bag Hunger" for children and their families. Bag Hunger benefits many affiliates of Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger-relief charity in the United States.

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jingle and mingle

San Francisco Children of Shelters Fundraiser Poster Design

Jingle and Mingle: Benefiting homeless children of San Francisco

An annual wreath auction organized to benefit San Francisco's Children of Shelters programs to create opportunities and provide educational funding for many of the city's 5,000 homeless kids because without these changes, they will potentially stay homeless for life. They provide tutoring, art supplies, music lessons, field trips, summer camps and more to let kids be kids.

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10+ years of design experience launching products, marketing campaigns, editorials, illustrations, motion graphics, design consulting, art direction, and identity branding

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