Macy's Coded Design System


The establishment of this Coded Design System underscored the importance of consistency, alignment, and a singular point of reference. Its objective: enhancing the uniformity of the Macy's brand experience for all divisions. Included in the style guide were code snippets.

As a significant legacy brand, it was essential to establish numerous avenues of alignment among internal and external teams. This was necessary to streamline diverse priorities and design requirements into channels for aligning all kinds of information, tools, and resources to designers, developers, vendors, marketers, and beyond. Our team developed diverse channels to direct the flow of relevant traffic and resources, facilitating the thorough documentation of our digital overhaul into actionable steps. This documentation aimed to drive the transformation of the entire website, app, and email marketing through visual design and content strategies.

Our brand is world-renowned and unified in spirit and in purpose. This is evident not only to the customers who shop with us, but also to our People – the employees who bring that brand to life every day. Together we'll build the future of Macy's. A future that's guided by our company vision and values.

Our look calls to mind our heritage, while adding a contemporary feel that indicates our mission, vision and values. Our visual identity includes:

  • Our logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography

This Style Guide was created to help keep our brand consistent. While it can't address every design situation, it does serve to establish the groundwork for design execution and strategy.


Our typefaces influence how audiences perceive the company. We use clear and easy-to-read fonts.


  • **Internal Communication:** Use Arial (available on most systems)
  • **Graphic Design Professionals:** Avenir can be used (compatibility and licensing concerns apply).



Organization and Program Names should clearly describe the entity's role within the company.

Examples of Descriptive Names

  • The Leadership Institute
  • Macy's Foundation
  • Employee Compensation Program
  • STAR Academy

Unique branding for Macy's organizations, departments, or programs is not permitted.

Naming Standards

Use simple, clear, and descriptive names for Macy's entities.

  • Reflect the audience and describe the program or entity.
  • Be meaningful to a global audience.
  • Avoid acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Don't invent words, use poor grammar, or unconventional capitalization.

Internal Logos

Macy's does not permit internal or external use of logos other than the unmodified Macy's logo.

Reasons to Avoid Unauthorized Logos

  • Compete for attention
  • Detract from brand power
  • Diminish the company's primary identifier
  • Create a disjoined image
  • Run counter to brand unity

Existing Logos (Exceptions)

The following programs are exceptions and can continue using their existing logos:

  • Macy's Foundation
  • 4wardtogether Partners
  • In Time
  • Macy's Culinary Council
  • National Star Academy

Marketing Logos

Contact Corporate Communications or Marketing for logo lockup templates for new departments.

Logo Use With Business Functions, Programs and Departments

A logo lockup combines the Macy's logo with the department or program name.