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"Sometimes I get emotional about fonts." - Kanye West. August 17, 2010

I like to draw letters. By age six, I was drawing serifs on all my letters in class. My teacher scolded me for being "too fancy." I had begun designing letters with flourish and drawing words when most were just beginning to master how to write their own names. Instead of being given more advanced tasks, I'd be given stacks of paper to draw on as my classmates practiced their individual letters. I still draw letters and words with a quick, percise flare.

I tend to create a branding experience where the font and its style are at the forefront of identity. I play with color, shape, form, and a conceptual purpose for the logos, typefaces, and icon design. My style and approach varies with the campaign and intent, but always serves as the foundation for the purpose.

I draw simplified objects along with my typography, like this fluttering humming bird. This is Dash (with the hiccups), the Dart Mascot. I drew him in Adobe Illustrator and animated him in Adobe AfterEffects in 2019. Clicking on Dash will take you to the Dart DevTools page.

Brasil branding logo
pride and joy branding
 believe logo
culinary council branding
thanksgiving day parade logo
National july 4 Fireworks Design
women go red campaign logo
latest in beauty logo
south logo
exhale logo
baby phat animated logo branding
mTunes star logo listening to iPod
buy online pick up in store logo
women go red campaign together logo
heart attack logo
heart attack logo
pink pig branding
roadmap alignment visibility engine logo
asian pacific heritage branding
fashion front row branding
black history month type branding
black history month type branding
black history month soul branding
National july 4 Fireworks Design
National july 4 Fireworks Design 2018
great tree announcement
great tree vera wang announcement

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crosswalk shot across from the sfmoma with painting that reads think outside the building.