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Teaching how artistic principles can solve complex problems with data-driven and accessible, human-centered design.

feliciA academy of art badge.

Teaching creative critical thinking concepts spanning strategy, research, ux, ui, visual design, motion design, animation, illustration, graphic design, digital design, art direction, content management, front-end development, and ux engineering.

Digital + Traditional Art/Design Courses

I've been teaching art, art history, design, computer illustration, interactive design, digital video, digital animation, motion graphics, and web technologies for more than a decade.

Professionally, I provide creative treatment, visual solutions and technical implementation to various projects. My background is in illustration, visual design, interactive design, experience design, product design, prototypes, front end development and full-stack engineering.

I think, draw, design, code and problem-solve visual and technical issues within various complex legacy and open-source frameworks for apps, web, mobile, pos, and internal use. I've worked with huge brands on complex design technology solutions and for small non-profits to implement a more human-centered approach to delivering and implementing content.

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Spanning from Art Appreciation, Art History and traditional arts courses to technical courses utilizing core concepts to create complex digital experiences with new and emerging technologies.



New York

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Teaching an integrated approach to New Media based on four key fundamentals: Design Thinking, Visual Communication, Technology, and User Experience.

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Where are they now? Successful careers of former students in UX, UI, Art Direction and Technology.

Student Work

Three areas of research addressing my interests at the intersection of art and technology in new/future applications.

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crosswalk shot across from the sfmoma with painting that reads think outside the building.